About Cabo Kennels

It's like leaving your pet with a good friend.

We are Luis and Monica Pacheco, and a couple of decades ago due to the need to travel and leave our angel without wings, our puppy, was born the idea of opening a reliable and safe place for animal lovers, that's how Cabo Kennels was born.

Don't leave them at home!

2 decades of experience, proudly, pioneers in pet care in Los Cabos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People often ask us questions

Many dog owners think that leaving their pet at home, with an assistant feeding our dear friends, in their own environment is a good idea. We, at Cabo Kennels, tend to disagree and make them feel at home while having fun with more little friends.

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Do you take care of kittens?

Claro que sí cuidamos gatitos, tienen un espacio separado de los caninos donde se divierten con más gatitos.

How often do my pets go for walks?

Here at Cape Kennels, pets go out 15 to 20 times in a 12-hour period.

Can I leave my pet for a long period?

At Cabo Kennels we take care of your pets as if they were your own home.